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Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council   EPSRC BCA (Heriot Watt), Aperiodic 2000 (Nijmegen) Presentations:
1. Polytypism & 1DD in SiC   POSTER
UCL Science Centre
Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council   PPARC A brief history of SiC & FAQ's on Moissanite
2. The mineral Moissanite
Astronomy & Geometry Lectures at Gresham College
Railtrack Enquiries
Polytype models using SRS edge topography The Results
3. American Club Sandwich
Royal Astronomical Society   RAS
SiC Resources on the internet compiled by Peter Raback @ Conf. Proc. Aperiodic 2000 4-8 July Nijmegen Netherlands Ferroelectrics
4. Long period polytype boundaries in silicon carbide
The Royal Institution   MRI 5052
Silicon Carbide round up
Poster @ IoP Condensed Matter & Materials Physics CMMP2000 Conference, Bristol
5. Cathodoluminescence from polytype layers in Silicon Carbide
Institute of Physics   IOP 54616

Conference Calendar

No. 6   "sixofone" BCA Industrial Group meeting reports:
Controlled environment XRD
Non Ambient XRD
The National Physical Laboratory NLP
Citation literature search
Web Of Science
The British Library
A Literature survey (77 refs)
Polytypism in Silicon Carbide
The Royal Society
ISP TISCALI XRDT Topography notes Topography New geometry configuration data files
Standard edge INDEXING
Web Files
Wide Band-Gap Semiconductors A brief advert for silicon carbide research PP1 Poster (BCA2001 Reading) The Old Royal Observatory, Greenwich
J. Appl. Cryst online
RGO Quiz/Worksheet by jfK
Dynamical Theory of X-Ray Diffraction   Part 1   Part 2
Some Temperatures & other data Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Eg~3eV     Higher Hotter Harder         Electronics 4 Extreme Environments
Medical Physics Lecture Notes
X-Rays for diagnosis
A Brief History of X-Ray Diffraction Topography XRDT
Irish clock An illustration of the "missing method" of polytype assignment in coalescence Sandwich models The Gardening A Garden Design Service by jfK

11 Fundamental Questions about the Universe "From quarks to the cosmos"

Polytype variations in presolar SiC grains:   Microstructural characterization by transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) Murchison meteorite
Oscillation method   Identification of close packed structures by X-ray diffraction
Synchrotron X-Ray Topography Group at Stony Brook
Topography at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ESRF station ID19
Swedish SiC Electronics Programme SiCEP
Compound Refractive Lenses X-Ray Lenses
ILFORD L4 Photographic plates

The BBC NEWS       The Times newspaper
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1. Lycos
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2. Altavista Books @ Led Zeppelin Remich/Moselle Vasa Cafe de la Table Ronde
3. msn MS Pinball Southsea Pier Esch/Sure Drottingholm
4. LOOKsmart Whitstable Pink Floyd Mullerthal Fjardlang The Ascent of Man
5. Excite Luis Bunuel 1900-1983 The Doors Ardennes Birka Teilhard de Chardin
6. GoTO Belle de Jour The Eagles GARDENING Brockley Candide
7. NorthernLight The discreet charm of the Bourgeoise How2Be a gardener Brockley Society Feynman
8. Yahoo! The Phantom of Liberty
SE4 map James Bond
9. Google That Obscure Object of Desire The Summerhouse

Mathematical Corner & Computing stuff
Fibonacci numbers & the Golden section Unix operating system

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