Selected Pictures from the 2005 Chemical Physical Society Sports Day

Main event: The Annual Cricket Match - Staff versus Students

The highly demanding deck-chair event - everyone an expert

Crisp score-keeping helped keep the game on track

The new ball is called for after just two leg overs

An expert eye cast over the score sheet

The warm-up

Nice try, Doctor - but it's still only the warm up

A confident start by the student team

Good shot, sir!

Here she comes.....

...and there she goes

"Which ball have I caught then?"

An excellent demonstration of the Hampster Dance (click here for the real thing)

Despite this impressive performance by the Students, the Staff gave them a sound thrashing, beating them as they did 200 for 7 to 140 runs all out.

And just off scene an interesting addition to the day. Not everyone has a sports ground with their own private aricraft and stud farm:


I'm looking a gift-horse in the nose??

The place was infested with mosquitoes

more aircraft than one needs in their back yard