Optimal Setup for Viewing and Printing the Hypertext Book

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This book is designed to be read in full-screen mode with a World-Wide-Web style browser. Hence set the browser window so that it fills the entire screen. Maximum height is best achieved by switching off some of the optional displays, e.g. those showing location of pages, directory buttons, etc.

Most of the contents of the hypertext book are designed for a specific screen resolution: The highest resolution will give the best results, though this may not be a valid option for all readers. Currently, two common screen resolutions are catered for, these being 1024×768 and 1280×1024 pixel screens.

It is intended that the book be browsed with at least either Netscape's Navigator 2.0® or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0®. Browsers that do not support client-side clickable gifs or tables are not suitable for use with this product. Note that browsers are not supplied with this CD-ROM. The product has been tried and tested with both of the above browsers. Optimum conditions are obtained if the font type and size is set to Times 12pt for Navigator or Times Small for Internet Explorer. Larger or smaller font sizes may work, but the appearance on screen may not be optimal.

Pages may be printed using the "print" feature in either browser. Check whether the browser scales the diagrams automatically and the orientation of the page. Landscape format will be better for the space group diagrams.

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