Space Group P4232

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Lattice type: P

Symmetry operators:

      x,            y,            z
      x,           -y,           -z
     -x,            y,           -z
     -x,           -y,            z
      z,            x,            y
     -z,           -x,            y
      z,           -x,           -y
     -z,            x,           -y
      y,            z,            x
     -y,            z,           -x
     -y,           -z,            x
      y,           -z,           -x
    1/2+x,        1/2-z,        1/2+y
    1/2+x,        1/2+z,        1/2-y
    1/2-x,        1/2-z,        1/2-y
    1/2-x,        1/2+z,        1/2+y
    1/2+z,        1/2+y,        1/2-x
    1/2-z,        1/2+y,        1/2+x
    1/2-z,        1/2-y,        1/2-x
    1/2+z,        1/2-y,        1/2+x
    1/2-y,        1/2+x,        1/2+z
    1/2+y,        1/2-x,        1/2+z
    1/2-y,        1/2-x,        1/2-z
    1/2+y,        1/2+x,        1/2-z


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